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About Us? It's About You!

When you close your eyes can you see yourself achieving your dreams? Do you have the self-discipline and perseverance required to get to the next level but require guidance on thenecessary steps? Are you ready to give 100% effort mentally and physically to make yourdreams a reality?

If you answered yes to those questions we guarantee we can help! Multi-Sport Mindset’s expert coaches will help you run faster, jump higher, and get stronger. We will help you increase your coordination and athleticism to rapidly acquire new skills and perform them to a higher degree. We will help you get a leg up on the competition and maximize your potential by reframing your though process and setting attainable goals.

Regardless of your current skillset, age, or chosen sport we promise to meet you where you are at developmentally today so you can achieve excellence tomorrow. If you’re ready to level up and transform your game, we’re ready to guide you!

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Our Purpose and Core Values



  • We design and create pathways for individuals and teams to level up.


Core Values:


  • Pursuit of Personal Best.

  • Success?  First imagine, and then be willing to try.

  • Adaptation leads to results.

  • Enjoy the journey.

  • Explore, discover, and own it.

Why Choose Multi-Sport Mindset

There are a lot of programs out there that offer sport training. Here is what sets us apart from the rest:


The Fun Factor: At Multi-Sport Mindset we define fun as improving your skills and adding “tools” to your “tool box”. We guarantee you will have fun, stay engaged, and be active. In each session you will increase your athleticism through fast paced games and challenges where the focus is on beating your own score (the only one that matters!). As you beat your score through adaptations, adjustments, and corrections your confidence will increase and you will become comfortable being uncomfortable. Meaning will exit your comfort zone and consistently perform in the courage zone where all your potential awaits.


The Three E’s: At Multi-Sport Mindset we value the Energy, Effort, and Enthusiasm. Our programs are for anyone and everyone who gives 100% effort, brings a positive attitude, and is passionate about improving. We can make you better across the board; mentally, physically, technically, and tactically, if you’re willing to bring the three E’s every day. We truly believe that “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

Our Application of Imagination and Knowledge Regarding Program Design: No one else designs competitions, games, skills, and drills like us. We use our imagination and knowledge to combine components of learning theory, Newell’s Model of Constraints, The Bernstein Principle, strength &conditioning, physical literacy, mental performance, sport specific skills, and much more to create cutting edge programs that increase your athleticism, skill retention, and skill performance. Our programs get results. As you progress we create “levels” of increasing or decreasing difficulty to match your current stage of development and challenge you in new ways.

Coaching Experience: Multi-Sport Mindset’s staff has over 60 years of combined coaching experience at every level from 5 years old through to professional athletes. This has enabled us to become extremely effective communicators with simple, clear, and concise messaging(especially from the times spent coaching in countries where players didn’t even speak English).Anything that we ask you to perform has been tested by our staff for its effectiveness, will contain a detailed explanation so you understand the instructions, and will be demonstrated with a high degree of expertise so can see a quality repetition. When giving feedback we will work with you to specifically identify what to improve upon, create a step by step process of how to improve upon it, and make sure you understand why the improvements will help you moving forwards.

A Little Story About A Big Dream

Ever since I can remember, my dream was to become a major league baseball player. Did I end up making it to the pinnacle of baseball? No I did not. But looking back it wasn’t about the end result; it was about the journey and everything I learned along the way. Plus I have been blessed enough to get my education paid for, play professional baseball, travel the world, and discover my love of coaching.

It’s very cliché, but my story is like the poster that hangs in every elementary school classroom, “Shoot for the moon. If you miss you’ll land among the stars”. It’s a testament to never giving up on your dreams, because even if they don’t turn out exactly how you imagined, if you give it your all, you will find success.

As a player, I was never the biggest, strongest, fastest, or most talented on any of the teams I played for but what I did have was a burning desire to improve, the courage to pursue knowledge that would set me apart, and a relentless perseverance to apply expert knowledge to my own skill set.

While in university my baseball skills ended up plateauing and hitting a ceiling that I couldn’t seem to break through. At the time, when I practiced, I had a preconceived notion and mental picture of, “this is how you hit, this is how you field, this is how you throw, etc.” Every day I worked hard focusing on perfecting my mechanics and doing things, in what I had been taught, was “the right way”. Over time I became frustrated because I was putting so much time and effort into training but wasn’t getting the results I wanted. Shortly afterwards I went to my first American Baseball Coaches Conference and it was there that everything changed. It was there where I first learned about the Bernstein Principle, Frans Bosch, and Newell’s Model of constraints. Those core concepts lit a fire inside me and set me on a path of personal development where I sought out and consulted with countless experts in their fields, broke through my baseball plateaus by unlocking my athletic potential, and laid the ground work for my future coaching philosophies that translate to any and all sports.

The Bernstein Principle:

The body will organize itself based on the ultimate goal of the activity.

Example application for a baseball swing: The ultimate goal of hitting is to hit hard line drives. I will create drills where the only way for you to hit those line drives is to swing efficiently. 

Frans Bosch Quote:

“We don’t learn a movement by doing it over and over. We learn it by changing it up.”

Example application for a baseball swing continued: As you begin to hit the line drives, I will change the drill being performed to see if you can continue to hit line drives. If initially you can’t, I will help you make adjustments so you can.

Newell’s Model of Constraints:

You can increase or decrease the difficulty of a task, create variety within the same set of drills, and develop players who can adapt to new challenges by manipulating the task, the environment, the organism, and or the implement.

  • The Task: The ultimate goal and specific rules of the activity.


  • The Environment: The space provided to perform the activity which can be influenced by the temperature, weather, surface, time allotted, space provided, obstacles, etc.


  • The Organism: The individual performing the task which can be influenced by the bodies starting position, the limb used to execute the skill, the skill being performed, etc.


  • The Implement: The tool(s)/equipment provided to the organism, within the environment, that must be used to achieve the task.

Example application of the Model of Constraints for a baseball swing: As you progress with your swing we could challenge you further by manipulating the task from hitting line drives to center field to hitting line drives to right field; the environment by changing the way the ball is tossed to you from underhand front toss to overhand throws; the organism (you) by changing the drill being performed; and the implement by getting you to switch from swinging your regular bat to a short 1 handed bat.  

The more constraints an athlete is exposed to the more adaptable and relaxed they become under pressure. The more ways an individual can respond to changes in the task, the environment, the organism, and the implement of a skill, drill, or game the quicker and easier they will coordinate body movements, think in a critical manner, and problem solve.

After learning about the Bernstein Principle, Frans Bosch, and Newell’s Model of Constraints I realized I needed to change the way I physically, mentally, technically, and tactically prepared for competition. I came to the conclusion that better by definition is different than what I have always done and that if I continue to do what everyone else does because it’s “normal”, then I will continue to produce average results. I needed to step outside my comfort zone to grow.

At this time in my playing career I was already pretty good at baseball so I considered all the other abilities that go into executing baseball skills. That’s when I really started to dive heavily into the athleticism topics of speed, strength, coordination, plyometrics, and mental performance training. Practice became enjoyable again because of the endless, novel, creative, and challenging ways to train the same skill set. As I experimented with movements I kept what worked, threw away what didn’t, and saw every failure as an opportunity to learn and grow because without failure learning cannot occur.  As I increased my strength, speed, explosiveness, and coordination my baseball skills improved across the board. I began to adapt, adjust, and self-correct to achieve the desired result which enabled me to perform skills in ways that others couldn’t, regardless of the constraints. The more athletic I became the more my confidence grew. The best athletes in the world, regardless of their sport, are coordinated, strong, fast, explosive, mobile, and confident, which were the exact skills I was developing and had a passion for learning about (and still do!).

As I transitioned to coaching professional baseball and creating strength and speed programs for those teams, I was able to test my ideas and theories on others. The Multi-Sport Mindset programs were met with great success on and off the field. There are a lot of people who can perform a sport’s skills but how many can achieve the desired result, any way imaginable, while under any constraint, in any situation, under pressure, in a game? As a team we were stronger, faster, more explosive, more mobile, and more coordinated that the other teams in the league which enabled us to perform our baseball skills to a higher degree; and when we did train specifically for baseball we used individual specific constraints to constantly challenge each player to improve.

Benjamin Franklin said “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn”. At Multi-Sport Mindset we involve you in athletic challenges so you can learn to problem solve through movement. Those movements will build a strong foundation of physical literacy, athletic ability, and sport skills so you can excel. As someone who has stood in your shoes and understands the process let me help you achieve your dreams.

About Coach Joe Germaine

I am a former Division 1 athlete, 6 year professional baseball player-manager, and head development coach for 5 sport organizations. I have helped thousands of athletes just like you achieve excellence and have fun doing it!

I have a BSc. In Exercise Science (MVSU), my Advanced Coaching Diploma (CSIO), and certifications as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA), Chartered Professional Coach (CAC), Competition Development Coach (NCCP), Learning Facilitator (Baseball Canada), and Coach Developer (Baseball Canada).

I coach because I am motivated by the challenge of helping each athlete achieve excellence. My vision is to build meaningful relationships, wherein I can help others by sharing my knowledge as an expert, leader, mentor, and coach. My mission is to constantly strive to use my values of courage, imagination, and honesty to learn and grow as an individual, to create a safe, inclusive, and fun environment, and to hold myself accountable to the highest standard.

Our team

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Joe germaine


Coach Joe is a former NCAA Division 1 athlete, 6 year professional baseball player, 6 year professional baseball coach, and head development coach for 7 sport organizations.

He is a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Chartered Professional Coach, Advanced Coaching Diploma recipient, Coach Developer, Learning Facilitator, and Competition Development Certified Coach.

Coach Joe has a passion for researching athletic abilities that apply to and intertwine across all sports. He is a motor learning expert and wizard when it comes to athletic development and enhancing sport performance. He will show you how to run faster, jump higher, get stronger, increase athleticism, and perform your sport skills to a higher degree.

He works with individuals and teams from all walks of life and sporting backgrounds, from 5-year-olds, to professional athletes, and everywhere in between. Coach Joe communicates complex concepts in a clear, concise, and simple manner, so the information you receive makes an immediate impact, provides tremendous value, helps you reach your athletic potential.

Coach Joe is dedicated to designing and creating pathways for individuals and teams to level up and have fun doing it.


  • BSc. Exercise Science 

  • Advanced Coaching Diploma (Canadian Sport Institute)


  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)

  • Chartered Professional Coach (CAC)

  • Competition Development Certified (NCCP)

  • Learning Facilitator (NCCP)

  • Coach Developer (NCCP)

  • Sport Performance Coaching Certificate (SPCC)

Bill germaine

Digital Media Specialist, CSCS

Coach Bill is a former NCAA Division 2 athlete, 7 year professional baseball player (ongoing), and 7 year professional baseball and softball coach.  He has worked with 4 professional sport organizations and has coached with the German National Softball Team.


Coach Bill recently played for the German National Baseball Team in the 2022 World Baseball Classic Qualifiers, where he had one of the highest batting averages (.417) and hit for tremendous power. 

He is a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Social Media Marketer, Web Developer, and Video Editor.

Coach Bill met his wife in Germany while playing there professionally, and has a passion for developing athletes across Europe, as well as in Canada.

Coach Bill brings a wealth of knowledge to the Multi-Sport Mindset staff and enjoys working with motivated individuals and teams. He relishes the "aha!" moment his people have when they perform, execute, and understand the benefits of their newly acquired skillset.


  • BSc. Exercise Science

  • Associate's Degree in Web Development and Computer Technology


  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)

  • Social Media Marketing Diploma


  • All-Great American Conference  1st Team, NCAA Div II 2015

  • 1st Team All-Canadian Collegiate Team, OF 2015

  • All-Great American Conference  1st Team, NCAA Div II 2016

  • 1st Team All-Canadian Collegiate Team, 1B 2016

  • Best Batter Bundesliga South 2020

20220915H0059RT – GERMAINE William #26 of Team Germany-.jpg

Dr. Orvill Germaine

B.A, D.V.M.

Coach Orv brings a wealth of knowledge to the Multi-Sport Mindset coaching staff, with over 30 years of coaching experience in Canada, the USA, and Germany.

He is a former 4 year USA college baseball player, 4 year college baseball coach in the Northwest Athletic Conference, 6 time coach of Team British Columbia, 2 time British Columbia Summer Games coach, and 6 year BC Baseball High Performance Director.


Coach Orv, is an athlete who grew up playing everything. He was an avid alpine ski racer, boxer, football, soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, volleyball, hockey, badminton, and ping pong player. Now he spends his time coaching and giving back to the community. 

He feels very fortunate to have had many great coaches growing up and to have been able to work with many amazing coaches and players over  the years. His goal is to share knowledge with excited, young players and to pass on the wisdom, that he wishes he knew growing up.


  • B.A., Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry

  • D.V.M., Doctor of Veterinary Medicine


  • Competition Development Certified (NCCP)

  • Learning Facilitator (NCCP)

  • Coach Developer (NCCP)

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