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Best Drill to Instantly Improve the Timing of your swing – Knee to Knob level 1

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Today I'm going to show you the best drill to instantly improve the rhythm and timing of your leg kick so you can consistently hit for more power.

The best drill to instantly improve the rhythm and timing of your leg kick so you can hit for more power is the knee to knob drill. The Knee to knob drill is a movement challenge for hitters that explores a big load, a large stride, and maximizes upper and lower body separation. Hitters must coordinate their movements in order to time up the incoming pitch. When performing the knee to Knob drill, we want to make sure that our movements are fluid throughout, there are no pauses or stopping. Basically we get in our batting stance, we take the knob of the bat to our stride leg knee, and we crush a line drive. Great hitters are adaptable and can achieve the desired result which in this case is a head height rising line drive into the field no matter the movement challenge.

Be sure to watch the video because I compete in a hitting challenge where if I fail I get slapped in the face with a batting glove.

I want to explain why hitting challenges, such as the Knee to knob drill are so beneficial for overall hitting mastery. The Knee to knob drill exaggerates the natural movements that occur during a swing which allows players to learn what an efficient swing feels like and to explore movement patterns that they might want to incorporate into their own swing. Anytime you introduce a new hitting challenge, the hitter must also adjust the timing of their swing. This allows them to learn what it is to be efficient and hit off different pitchers in games. By trying and mastering many different drills, players can find out what works best for them to consistently hit the rising line drives that we're looking for.

The key teaching points when performing the knee to knob drill are:

1) Always try to hit head height line drives. If you can’t yet, make whatever adjustment is necessary to begin to hit line drives.

2) Track your score so you are constantly competing against yourself. How many line drives can you hit out of 5? Write it down and try to beat it. If you hit with a line drive purpose you will get fantastic visual feedback allowing you to improve your abilities much faster than those who don’t track.

3) Perform the Knee to Knob drill off the tee, off front toss, and off overhand throws. Each variation of the knee to knob drill is a unique movement challenge that the hitter must adapt to.

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